Spring Semester Style Guide

As we know, the spring semester is now upon us and is most definitely in full swing, and most of us are already knee deep in syllabuses, class notes, and study guides. Needless to say the last thing on our minds is what we are going to wear this season. (Let alone tomorrow--has anyone else been shamelessly living in active wear the past week and a half?) However, since I have already covered my back to school essentials, I thought now would be a good time to share some of my favorite spring style trends that would be perfect to rock on and off campus this semester. (Not to mention if you're anything like me, it's midweek of the second week of the semester, and you've finally run out of active wear outfits, so this will give them a break too!)

The Updated Oxford

One style trend that i am absolutely crazy about this season is the update that the runway has given oxford shirts. Though a plain button down blouse will forever be a wardrobe must have of mine, the cool new twist we will be seeing on oxfords this year has me really stoked! (So much so, I actually asked for the one that is pictured here from my sponsor and affiliate Light In The Box for one of my upcoming posts featuring them.) So, I'm sure you're wondering why I am so wild about this trend. Well the reason I am is because it's obviously a great way to dress up a new classic with a new twist. And the other great thing about this tread is it isn't simply limited to the bare shoulder fad (which we all know I was a huge fan of last year) but also because there are many other cool things that can be done to give a classic oxford a fun and modern twist. (E.g. check out this one from SheIn!)

Of course to keep the polished vibe of this oxford blouse alive, you would want to pair it with some equally preppy jewelry, right? So to accessorize this blouse, I chose this little gold ensemble from my sponsor Rocksbox. The reason I chose gold to go with this blouse is because I felt that the gold would really pop against the cool blue color of the blouse instead of blending in like silver pieces would. If you love these pieces you can get the earrings by House of Harlow 1960 here, the necklace by SLATE here, the Olivia Grace ring here, and lastly the Gorjana beaded bracelet here.




To add a bit of a more relaxed touch to this outfit, I would recommend pairing it with some feminine, embroidered jeans. Though embroidered jeans were a big thing last fall, they are still going strong this season due to their cool, light, and laid back vibe. The reason why I chose this specific pair of embroidered jeans was due to the fact that they are a darker wash, which adds the perfect amount of contrast to the light blue blouse. I also like this pair of jeans because the embroidering wasn't overly busy, plus they had a simple and chic design for spring.



To finish off this fresh spring outfit, I figured when not add a fun and comfortable pair of sneakers to the mix (and I know first hand that these specific sneakers are comfy because John got them for me for Christmas!). The reason I chose these metallic gold sneakers is because of their fun and funky appearance. These sneakers have become a fast favorite of my own and they are just the perfect option to add a "wow" factor to a simple outfit while keeping you comfortable while walking around campus.


Collegiate Comfort

I'm sure all of us have been there, it's towards the end of the semester, we are exhausted from preparing for finals, and we just want to be comfortable. And while our active wear is perfect for the week prior to finals, I'm sure many of you are like me and enjoy going out with friends to celebrate finishing a big exam, so you want to look stylish. Well for this look I've but together the perfect outfit that combines comfort with street style starting with this adorable cardigan. The reason I chose this cardigan isn't just because I personally styled it a few months back for StyleWe, but because it's comfy, warm, and perfect for a laid back spring look. This sweater is also a lovely shade of lilac which is a great color to style for the season, not to mention over-sized garments were also a big hit this year making this cardigan perfect for a chic look. (Speaking of over-sized, did anyone else notice that robes as outerwear are a thing this year? Though I'll pass on that one, I can get on board with comfy grandpa sweaters.)


Though this sweater could work fine on it's own if you wore it buttoned up, I always like to layer in the spring time due to the cool mornings and warm afternoons. So to keep this comfy finals week outfit going, I decided to pair it with a basic v-neck tee. Though this is a simple pairing, sometimes simplicity is the way to go, especially if you have three final exams in one day. This grey v-neck tee adds just a little something extra to this cardigan, due to the fact it adds a little bit of contrast, but is subtle enough to give the top part of this outfit a monochromatic look, which is a big trend we will be seeing in the spring and summer of 2017.



Yes, I know, this choice is totally obvious, but boyfriend jeans are definitely, one hundred percent, my must have spring essential. And even though there are some totally fun ways to dress up these kicked back jeans, one of my favorite ways to style them is with a laid back look, and since they're so comfy (and stylish) they are absolutely perfect for finals week! The reason I chose this pair of boyfriend jeans was because I felt that their light wash complimented the grey color of the tee shirt but also was a nice contrast to the lilac cardigan. I also liked the fading and lightly distressed look of these jeans which adds a bit of a soft grunge feel to this outfit.

To complete this college chic and comfy look, I added a classic pair of white low top converse. The reason these shoes are the perfect way to complete this look is simply due to the nature of the company's brand, and I'm sure anyone who owns a pair of Chucks knows that they're so comfy! Lastly, the reason I chose white sneakers is because I felt that they added a fresh clean feel to this outfit for spring.


Bold & Bright 

Next up you may recognize two of these items from an outfit of the day post I did earlier this month for Light In The Box! The reason I chose this coat for spring is because bright and neon hues are a huge trend this season. And what better way to stand out and get noticed on campus than to have a gorgeous bright coat? This coat is also great because it is incredibly warm, so it is perfect for the first few cold months of the spring semester! This coat also has a belt along with its snap so you can tie it shit for some extra warm and cozy comfort while trekking around in the cold winter weather.

Next up is this darling casual hunter green dress. As I discussed in my outfit of the day post for this coat and dress duo, the dark hunter green of this dress complements the bold and bright red of this coat perfectly, making them great options to style together. This dress on its own though is also a lovely option to attend class in this spring due to its deep earthy green tone and of course this dress' floral collar. This dress is also a great choice for class because it is made of a jersey knit material and is very comfortable. It is also a nice choice due to its casual feel on campus, but is also great for after class activities such as a dinner date with your sweetie or a trip to grab lunch with your girl friends!




Though these shoes are not the exact ones I wore in my post, I chose these adorable black pumps with a bow to wrap this pretty casual outfit. The reason I chose these shoes was because I liked their cute and feminine flare, and thought that this quality of theirs went perfectly with this casual dress without being over the top.



Wear Your Heart On Your Tee

For this outfit choice, I decided to pair two huge trends from the runway this season, those being slogan tees and loads of leather. The tee I chose to style here is just a basic grey slogan tank with a raw edge. The reason I chose this slogan tee is because I personally liked the "normal is boring" slogan, and also because I love the soft grunge feel that the raw edge gives this tee. I also like that this shirt is cropped, which would make it perfect for some Coachella inspired looks this summer.





Of course you can't go for a glam-grunge look without a killer pair of shades, so I chose this pair of cat eye sunnies. The reason I love these over-sized shades is because of the chic and subtle cutout of the plastic, revealing these sunglasses' metal frames.





To add to the vibe of this '90s rock n' roll outfit I chose to add a leather, tailored moto jacket. The reason this jacket really fits the look for spring in 2017 is because the moto trend is still going strong on the runway. Not to mention along with the moto detailing, the metal and zipper detailing also adds a bit of badassness to this look, and goes fittingly with the "normal is boring" slogan tee.





To accessorize this bad girl look a bit, I decided to add this silver chain bracelet by Jill Michael. The reason I chose this bracelet was though it would be a subtle choice, this bracelet really does complement the leather detailing of the moto jacket.




Since it is springtime after all, I always take that as a cue that it is time to break out the shorts! So for this daring outfit, I decided what better way to style it that with these awesome leather shorts. The reason I chose these shorts is because I love the geometric cut of them which I felt really added to the late '80s early '90s rocker edge to this outfit. I also like how the lapels of the shorts overlap to give this piece and interesting and fresh take.






To put the finishing touches on the glam rock outfit, I decided to par this ensemble with some over the knee leather boots. Since this look is all about leather, I figured these boots would be the perfect match for this look. I also chose these boots because just like last season, we are still seeing all kinds of boots and booties on the runway. Whether it be velvet, ankle, leather, or suede, it looks like boots are here to stay in 2017 so why not keep styling them?




Uptown Girl

For this last look, I've styled two more huge trends that we will be seeing all throughout spring of 2017, and those two things are khaki trench coats and white shirt dresses. The reason I love these trends are because they are both classically chic and timeless. (I mean think of the starlets who used to rock them such as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren.) The reason I chose this trench coat was simply due to it traditional style, cut, and color, which kept it true to its classic nature. I also loved the lapel detailing and just feel that this trench coat would be perfect for spring, especially if you want to go for a classic vibe.



To add a bit of shine to this classic look, I chose to add a subtle pop of color by using these Kendra Scott earrings and this Loren Hope bracelet. The reason I chose to style these pieces with this outfit was due to their simple but bright tones, which play off the earthy color of the trench coat perfectly.



As you can see, the shirt dress I chose for this outfit isn't a classic shirt dress, but one with a modern twist. The reason I chose this shirt dress, was because I liked the minimalistic silhouette of it, but also because I liked the graphic detailing as well, which much like the slogan tees, are incredibly hot on the runway this season. This dress also would work great on its own as a simple summer outfit while running errands or having a day out with your girls.






To further accessories this outfit, I decided to pair it with this adorable lemon graphic purse. The reason I chose this purse was for one I just thought that the details of it were darling, but also because as I mention earlier, neon is a big trend that we will be seeing this season. I also like this purse because it adds a fun and playful flare to this otherwise plain outfit.





To finish off this classic outfit, I decided to play some more with neon hues and decided to use these bright orange, platform sandals due to the fact they complement the neon yellow of the purse. However, I also chose these sandals because platforms are definitely making a comeback in the spring of 2017, taking all of us to new heights (literally)!



What are some of your favorite trends that you are looking forward to styling this spring semester? I'd love to chat about it, so talk to me in the comments below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a trendy spring outfit of your own that you'd like to show off? Feel free to tag on Instagram or in you Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later babes, and happy styling this semester!

Xx, Bree

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