International Women's Day: Working Girl Style (Feat. SheIn)

With my blog rapidly approaching the two year mark, I feel that it is only natural for me to start covering some bigger topics on here. Of course that doesn't mean discarding style and beauty posts all together, but simply combining them with some more serious current events. And in my first step towards this, I have decided to partner with my long time sponsor, SheIn, and put together this style post/style guide comprised of some of my favorite office outfits I have received from SheIn for past sponsored posts, in light of International Women's Day.

What is International Women's Day?

Though I am sure many of you already know what International Women's Day is (the only way I figure you do not is if you happen to live under a rock, and I say this because it has been all over the news lately), I'm just going to take a minute to highlight what this day is all about. You see, International Women's Day first started back in 1909, and was originally called International Working Women's Day, and now takes place on March 8th every year. More over, the reason this holiday started was to commemorate the struggle for women's rights, and to remind all of us how important women truly are to society.

And as I mentioned earlier, this year International Women's Day has been all over the news (well, at least here in the United States, I can't speak for other countries) due to many of the negative feelings towards our reality TV boss and his chosen cast--erm-- presidential cabinet members, leading many of us ladies to exercise our right to peacefully protest in today's cause which has been dubbed "A Day Without a Woman". Though I won't post my personal political views here, I feel it is pretty clear in my earlier statement, I can say that I will, unfortunately, not be at the protest in downtown Pittsburgh, nor will I be at work in my office today for that matter. And in case you're wondering, this is due to a surgery I had on my foot yesterday. (Don't worry I'm fine, I just can't walk for a few days and am no longer able to surf when I get to Florida for spring break Friday morning *sobs*.)

However, all of my negative political feelings aside, I chose to be positive and have partnered with SheIn for this special style post today. The reason this post is a bit different than my "style guides" is because not only does this post focus on attire for us ladies who work in the corporate world, but also because it is focusing on some of my personal favorite office looks that I have received from SheIn over the past two years. And to me, this post is serving as my own personal recognition of International Women's Day and to showcase how proud I am of my own femininity. 

Boldly Business Savvy

Outfit Links:  Earrings ,  Dress ,  Shoes

Outfit Links: Earrings, Dress, Shoes

This pencil dress is by far one of my favorite spring pieces for work and play. Though this dress works great for the office, it also works great for after work happy hour due to its bold pattern and sleek shape, think of it as a classic piece with a modern twist. To style this dress, I simply pair it with my "Elle" earrings in cobalt by Kendra Scott, due to how they complement the blue of the dress along with some plain black pumps. (To read my original post about this outfit, click here.)

Monday Meeting in Maroon

For this sweet office look, I chose a more traditional silhouette with this simple swing dress. However, though this dress has a simple design, it is actually quite fashionable due to its chic geometric, color blocking. To style this dress, I generally wear some pearl or opal earrings, a simple tassel drop necklace, a cuff bracelet, my black clutch from SheIn, and some simple black pumps. The reason these accessories work with this dress is due to the fact they add some extra shine without being over the top. (To read my original post about this outfit, click here.)

Polished Professional 

Outfit Links:  Earrings ,  Hand Chain ,  Necklace ,  Top ,  Skirt ,  Shoes

This next outfit is one of my favorite summer looks. The reason why I adore this blouse and skirt combination is because it is just sweet, simple, and oh so feminine. This is actually one of my favorite outfits of all time simply because it makes me feel pretty and is totally classic. To style this look, I paired it with my Kendra Scott "Lauren" earrings, this Perry Street "Morgan" necklace, this adorable hand chain by Gorjana, along with some simple white sandals. I just love this look paired with these jewelry pieces because they are every bit as pretty and classic as this look. (To read my original post about this outfit, click here.)

Teachin' To The Choir

Though this entire outfit was not from SheIn, the velvet booties certainly are, and SheIn actually has many similar pieces for those of you who may want to shop this look! However, this look, is a great fall look due to it's fun color pairings. Though the sweater and skirt are neutral colors, I added some depth and color to this look by pairing it with these cobalt blue earrings, this Perry Street Necklace, and of course these burgundy velvet booties! The reason these pieces work together is because they each add a pop of color to this outfit as well as complement each other. (To read my original post about this outfit, click here.)

Bookstore's Best

This final look is actually on of my favorite versatile looks that I have posted about on here in the past two years. Though originally I simply showcased this dress on its own, I then updated the post with a second look, which is the one you see above. Though the dress by itself is not at all work appropriate, paired with this charcoal sweater, makes for a great work look, especially if your company partakes in casual Fridays like DSG! To style this layered look, I paired it with these Kendra Scott earrings, this arrow head cuff by Robyn Rhodes, topped off with this necklace by SLATE and some plain black flats. (To read my original post about this outfit, click here.)

How are you spending International Women's Day and what are some of your favorite outfits fit for the work place? I'd love to chat with you, so feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have an awesome office outfit that you'd just love to show off? Feel free to tag me in a post or on your Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic.

And one last note before I sign off, I just want to remind everybody that though I just had surgery, I am still headed on vacation with John for spring break, so I will not be posting here until Monday, March 13th! So though I will be absent from tomorrow through Sunday (I know, weird right?) I promise I will be back bright and early Monday morning, so stay tuned. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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