#OOTD: From a Peasant Prospective (Feat. Metisu)

Though spring has been upon us for some time now, and we have had our fair share of beautiful weather here in the 'Burgh lately, this latest wave of warm weather has definitely got me in the mind set that spring is in fact here to stay. And of course, that means I will be breaking out all of my summer tops, shorts, and everything floral. Needless to say I am excited, because though I do own a lot of neutral clothing, I was beginning to find the winter weather, and my winter wardrobe quite dull. So, this past Monday (You know, when it was almost 80 degrees in Pittsburgh!) I decided to cut out a little early from work and enjoy the beautiful weather along with a late lunch in the court yard of the Sewickley Hotel.

Blossoming Beauty

Due to the absolutely, gorgeous weather we were graced with on Monday, I decided to change up my office attire a bit and decided to wear this gorgeous, peasant maxi dress that I received complimentary from the online retailer, Metisu. The reason I chose this lovely dress is because though it is a bit more casual compared to what I normally wear around the office, it just screams spring, and I felt that the pretty floral pattern was a nice way to add some much needed color to Dick's Sporting Goods corporate.

The dress itself is cool and flowy, and has a nice light weight for the spring and summer months. For the most part this dress was made well, and fit me like a glove; however, I was disappointed to find out, when I went to have it cleaned, that one of the grommets was not attached properly. And though this won't cause immediate damage, due to this issue, the dress will unfortunately not hold up for the long haul due to the fraying that will occur after prolonged wear and cleaning. However, since I do really like this piece, I will wear it, until I no longer can, throughout this season.

The other things I just adored about this dress (and adds to the list of reasons why I will be sad when it comes to its demise due to a semidetached grommet) are its mid-thigh slit in the skirt and its lacy back detailing. The reason why I like these two qualities is because I love the bohemian feel each of them give this dress. This piece definitely combines two of my favorite trends being bohemian chic with a 1970s feel.

To accessorize this look, I chose to pair it with one of my favorite purses. The reason why I loved this studded bohemian goddess with this dress is that it added just an extra touch of 70s flare, due to mixing of patterns via studs and florals. It added a nice over all contrast to this look, without the two of them competing with one another.

One Last Look

Have you ever shopped with Metisu? And how are your dressing to celebrate the warm weather finally coming to stay? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a cute outfit from Metisu or just a fun spring look in general? I'd love to see it, so feel free to tag me in a post or in you Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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