Easter Sunday Style Guide

Though I am not a religious person in a very least, every year I do get excited for Easter because it it one of the only holidays my entire family gets together to celebrate, aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving. Each year we have a darling brunch and watch my younger cousins hunt for Easter eggs, however the uniqueness about Easter morning for my family is that this is the one holiday the everybody dresses up. Though I tend to dress up any chance I get, primping for Easter brunch has always been one of my favorite things about the holiday, just something about it makes me very giddy. So, in case any of you are like me, and are not entirely sure what you want to wear yet for the holiday, I've put together this style guide with my top picks for Easter!


Chic for the Occasion

For this first outfit, the core piece I chose is this classic sheath dress. The reason I chose this dress is because it's classy, simple, and pretty. The reason I like this dress so much is due to its unique neckline and cool toned, floral pattern which is perfect, yet different for spring. This dress would also be a nice choice for my readers who do attend Sunday mass for the holiday, because even though it is dressy, it is a nice and modest choice for spring.




To add a bit of flare to this outfit, I decided to pair it with this lovely set of jewelry. First I paired this dress with these Kate earrings by Kendra Scott, because I liked the subtle hint of pink that they added to this look. Next, I chose this necklace by Perry Street, because I felt the cool tones of the opal played well off the dress' floral pattern. And lastly, to pull this shimmering trio together, I added this Misha bracelet by SLATE because the stones on this cuff matched the stones of the necklace, and the gold of the bracelet, played off of the gold in the earrings.


To complete this first outfit, I decided to stay true to its cooler tones, and decided to pair it with these adorable, lilac sandals. The reason I chose these sandals is because I felt that their color added balance to the outfit, opposed to if you were to pair the dress with white heels, it would look a bit disproportional color wise.



Playfully Polished

This next outfit choice is perfect for the girl whose family has a casual get together for Easter. I chose this darling two piece set because I felt the colors were fun and festive for spring! I really loved the tie detailing of the blouse and I also felt the wide legs of the pants made for a chic but fun look. The reason this set is great for a casual Easter get together, is because though it is a playful look, it is also quite classic. 




To accessorize this look, I decided to pair it with these Maxwell earrings by Kendra Scott, this gorgeous drop pendant necklace, and lastly this House of Harlow 1960 moon stone cuff. The reason I chose these pieces is because I liked the pop of color that the earrings and bracelet added to this look, and I also felt the necklace would add a bit of flare to the top half of the outfit, without being too over the top due to its minimalistic look.




To further accessorize this look, I chose to style it with this pretty, studded, forest green purse. The reason I chose this bag for the look, is because I felt that it paired nicely with the two piece set, and also added a nice contrast to the over all look, making it visually interesting.


To complete this playful outfit, I chose these adorable, coral colored pumps. The reason why I thought these pumps were simply perfect for this look, is due to their low heel and cute little bows. I also liked this color compared to the pants of this ensemble as well as how these pumps play off the color of the jewelry in this look as well.




Brighten Up Brunch

Since yellow is still a huge color trend this season, as well as monochromatic styling, for this next look I decided to go with this bright yellow ensemble. To kick off this look, the main piece I chose is this gorgeous, empire waist maxi dress. Not only does the color of this dress really fit the spirit of the holiday, it is also cut modestly making it a good choice for various Easter activities. I also really love how soft and pretty this dress looks, with a touch of Grecian femininity. 




Of course such an elegant dress calls for just as elegant accessories! So to add a bit of shimmer to this bright outfit, I chose to pair it with these Sophie Harper drop earrings plus this dainty gold bracelet by Gorjana. The reason I chose these pieces is because my like the style of the dress, they have a feminine and Grecian feel, which I felt complemented this look as a whole, and made the perfect match!



To put the finishing touches on this outfit, I chose to pair this gorgeous maxi dress with these cute, yellow pumps. The reason why I chose these heels is because I loved their angular design and because of their color. Even though these heels are yellow, unlike that dress which is more of a pastel color, these heels are almost neon, adding a nice contrast to the dress and also adding a fourth shade of yellow by tying in the jewelry.




Garden Party

This  last outfit is for the girl who loves a classic style with some artsy flare. This dress is actually my favorite out of all of the items in this guide, and I'm actually debating on purchasing it. The reason I love this dress so much is because of its twist on the classic a-line dress. I love its fit and flare cut paired with the mesh overlay and embroidered flowers. This piece isn't only perfect for an Easter Sunday Brunch, but also for a classic spring look.



Since this dress makes a statement all on its own, I did not want to clutter it with over the top accessories. So, I chose to pair it with these simple, but stunning, lever back earrings by Kate Spade. I just liked that these gems match some of the flowers so well and that they are a great color for spring.



To finish off this artistic and sophisticated look, I chose to pair it with these simple white pumps. The reason I chose white pumps opposed to colored ones, is because I felt that a pair of colored heels would distract from the beauty of the dress and make it look a bit sloppy. So, I chose to keep this look's shoe choice simple, sweet, and classic.


How are you spending Easter Sunday this year if you celebrate the holiday, and how are you styling for it? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a cute Easter Sunday look that you'd just love to show off? Feel free to snap a picture and tag me in your post or Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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