#OOTD: Charmed To Meet You (Feat. Soufeel Jewelry)

"Mummy, can I have more coffee, please?"

"Briana! We have company, don't you want to introduce yourself to our guest?"

"Hi, my name is Bree, and I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up and my favorite dinosaurs are brachiosaurus, liopleurodons, and my most favorite is stegosaurus!"

This is the conversation that took place in my family's living room while we were having a home visit from my soon to be teacher, Sister Colleen, to evaluate if I would be a good fit to attend kindergarten at Mount Gallitzin Academy. Luckily, for five year old me, tippy cup in hand, Sister Colleen was also an avid coffee drinker, and loved my enthusiasm. Though I have since then left my aspirations of being a paleontologist behind, I have to admit that I still find dinosaurs fascinating (yes, stegosaurus is in fact still my favorite), have a mild coffee addiction, and am as outgoing as ever. As you can imagine from the story above even when I was little, I was never the least bit shy or backward.


One thing I have learned since childhood though, is that my Myers–Briggs Type Indicator acronym "INFJ" (standing for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judgment) can seem a little deceiving. Considering to those who do not know me well probably see me as anything but introverted. From playing piano recitals starting at the age of five, competing in horse shows at the age of eight all the way through tenth grade, and performing at dance and voice recitals--or anywhere really--since the age of two and twelve respectively (Fun Fact: I still do both and am kick-ass at karaoke.), it's safe to say I'm not at all afraid of the spot light. 


However, though I am incredibly friendly, talkative, and adapt easily in social situations, I truly am an introvert at heart and honestly prefer to keep to myself when I am not obligated to be around others. I am also a very private person, and only share important things in my life with those closest to me. Not that I dislike people, I am honestly just rather self contained (as my my best friend Sage puts it: "Bree is basically just like a cat.").

Charmingly Chic


Now, you are probably wondering what this story and explanation have to do with my blog, and more specifically this post, right? Well, firstly, in light of the new year and my blog continuing to grow, I've decided I want to occasionally share a bit more about myself with all of you considering many of you have been around awhile, and others are brand new. (If this happens to be your first time visiting Stark Raving Chic, hello!) I also thought it was a good idea to tell this story because as you can see in the photographs above, I have been styling a beautiful gold necklace with my name on it, along with three chic bangle charm bracelets, which I received from my sponsor Soufeel Jewelry. So, I thought it was only natural to share a little about myself along with how I styled these pretty pieces.


Before I get to the styling for this post, I'm first going to review these pieces from Soufeel and explain why each of them mean a little something to me. For starters, though I was never a Sex And The City fan, I have to say while I was growing up I always felt a bit left out because neither my nickname or full name were ever spelled right on those trendy trinkets and jewelry, but like my dream of becoming a paleontologist, I got over it. However, I have to say when I was contacted for my now second collaboration with Soufeel, I was quite tickled at the opportunity to actually get a necklace with my name spelled correctly. Not to mention, this necklace is definitely more upscale than the $0.25 name necklaces we used to find at Claire's. As mentioned earlier, the best thing about Soufeel's name necklaces are that they are 100% customizable, so no matter how uniquely your name is spelled, you can always hop on this trend if you wish. Next, the material this necklace is made of is 925 sterling silver, plated in 14 carat yellow gold. The shine is absolutely beautiful, ever since I have received it and began wearing it I have gotten loads of compliments, and the necklace is also light weight and comfortable for everyday wear.


The other items I received from Soufeel are these three stacking charm bangles. The bangles I chose include a feather, owl, and an origami elephant, and though these three charms may seem random, the reason I chose these three specifically is because they each represent things important to and/or about me. Such as my ever evolving quest for knowledge, my free spirit (Which in itself insights a little mystery even for me!), and my incredibly determined personality. The bracelets themselves are very well made and fit just like any other bangle. They have a moderate weight to them (similar to that of an Alex & Ani bracelet) but are still comfortable to wear daily. And like the necklace, they are made of 925 sterling silver. 


The outfit I chose to style my new name necklace and charm bangles with, is this pretty but casual winter look, which I wore to meet up with a friend for a coffee date. For the top half of my look, I chose to wear a simple black metallic thread sweater from Loft, because I felt it added a nice contrast to my gold and silver jewelry. And though it was very cold, I chose to wear my favorite Pendleton wool skirt (seriously, I've had this skirt since I was in ninth grade--I'm now 24) because even though it doesn't look it, it is actually quite warm which makes it a great piece to have around in the winter, especially if you're like me and are already getting tired of constantly being in jeans and long underwear!


The makeup I chose for this look includes my bareMinerals Bare Pro liquid foundation, Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow in "647-Undress", NARS Jubilation Blush, and NARS Bette lipstick. The reason why I chose these warmer shades for my makeup palette is because I felt they added a nice offset to the cool tone of my outfit. And even though it has been freezing here, I still felt the need to have a little bit of a more summer-y glow, perhaps wishful thinking that it might bring on some warmer weather on my end. 


Last but not least, though I generally switch up my kicks in every post, while Pittsburgh is in a deep freeze you guys will be seeing these boots more often than not! I have to say, aside from being stylish, these Michael Kors boots are incredibly comfortable and warm. So, though I am sure many of you already have scored your winter boots, but in case you haven't, I totally recommend these babies. 

One Last Look


How have you been styling and accessorizing during this crazy cold front? I'd love to hear about it, so let's chat in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic

Xx, Bree

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