Elegance Underneath (Feat. PPZ Lingerie)

As I am sure all my readers know, one of the many things I love to do is dress up, I mean I am a fashion blogger after all. However, though I have always loved clothes and fashion since I was a little girl playing dress up in my mum and grandmother's clothes, and have gone on to build this blog from my love of clothing. However, I feel there is one reason why I love dressing up so much that is often overlooked. That reason would be that fashion and the way I choose to style my clothing is also a form of self-expression to me, as I am sure it is a form of expression for many of my fellow bloggers as well. I think we can all agree and all forms of fashion can be considered artwork in their own light.


Speaking of things being often overlooked, I think something that many of us generally do not think about after we get our clothes on, is what we are wearing underneath that little black dress or killer crop top and jeans combo, and that would our lingerie. However, I find this to be interesting because if you are anything like me, you probably spend tons of time shopping for the perfectly matching bra and panties set, or just the bra that fits divinely. So, with this in mind, when I was approached recently by my newest sponsor PPZ Lingerie to work with them on this project I was absolutely thrilled for the opportunity! Because I don't know about you, but I feel what I wear underneath my clothes is every bit as important as the garments that I style everyday.

PPZ Lingerie


Before I dive into the review and styling of this lovely bralette and pantie set, I'm sure you would like to know a bit about the company that I received this dynamic duo from, and that would my newest sponsor PPZ Lingerie. If you have never heard of PPZ Lingerie, here are some highlights that you should know:

Firstly, PPZ is a fashion lingerie brand that was established in Michigan, USA, back in 2001. PPZ specializes in gorgeous lingerie but also sells a wide selection of women's underwear (I have to say they have some super cute bras and panties!) shapewear, and even yoga pants. So basically, PPZ has you covered for all your undergarment (and some activewear) needs. Another great thing about PPZ is that they live up to their tagline which is "The Most Comfortable Bras, Shapewear, and Panties", which I will be honest, I was skeptical of at first however, I was very pleasantly surprised, which I will tell you all about later. 

But the last thing that sold me on the company PPZ is besides their contemporary, fashionable, and comfortable lingerie, much like my sponsors SheIn, Modcloth, and Swim Classy, PPZ embraces body positivity, and encourages girls and woman to practice self-love. Which if you recall an earlier post of mine from this year, you know that this topic is something I am very passionate about, and think that it is an absolutely outstanding movement towards empowerment. 

Underneath It All


As I stated earlier, PPZ is a huge supporter of body positivity and practicing self-love, and that really hits home for me because that is something that I still strive to do but also still struggle with doing. As I stated in a post early this year, I opened up to you all about how that I myself struggled with severe anorexia in the past and though I initially went into rehab four years ago, it still continues to be a constant struggle for me, though I am still working hard everyday to overcome my negative self perception. With that being said, aside from personally loving lingerie, I also love it because it makes me feel confident and sexy when wearing it, either by itself or under my favorite outfits. Which is why I decided to take the plunge and model this absolutely gorgeous set from PPZ here on Stark Raving Chic!


So, since I'm sure this is what you all have came here for, so without any further to do, let's get to the review of this lovely set! Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, PPZ really lives up to it's tagline because this bralette and pantie set is definitely so comfy, and to top it off both pieces are true to size and fit absolutely perfectly. I also liked that the bralette, unlike some of the other bralettes I own, has four hook and eye enclosures which makes this piece much easier to take on and off and these also make the bralette fit much more comfortably. 


Along with the hook and eye enclosures being a plus, another thing I loved about this bralette is though that it is a push-up, the cups are perfectly sized and held my breasts perfectly, so the bralette did its job without making me feel like I was going to bust out of it. I also liked that the panties are bikini style, but with a cheeky fit, giving them a more playful and sexy feel. And finally, the reason why I love this set as a whole is because I love the lace design of each of these pieces, to me its just so romantic and feminine, but with a bit more sultry touch due to the lush navy color and turquoise bow accents on both the bralette and panties.   


Lastly, though this isn't an "Outfit Of The Day" post, I did want to talk a bit about how I chose to style this pretty lingerie set. Though this was a lifestyle shoot, due to the fashionable nature of this set and PPZ's focus on body positivity, I thought that it was only natural for me to model and style it opposed to simply shooting some flat lays and using the site's model images. So to style this bralette and pantie set, I chose to wear it under my silk robe from Nordstrom that I received ages ago from my mum as a Christmas present, some simple jewelry, and light makeup from bareMinerals.

One Last Look


So, have you ever shopped with PPZ and love them as much as I do, and what are your feelings on lingerie? Do you like it as much as I do or is it not as important to your styling routine? Let's chat in the comments below or you can tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic. And don't forget, to keep caught up on my latest posts and to have my looks sent straight to your inbox, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic and sign up for LIKEtoKNOW.it. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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