#OOTD: Too Cool To Mention (Feat. SheIn)

As I've mentioned in many of my recent posts, there are tons of trends that I am just in love with for spring 2017. And one of those many trends that I have been obsessed with this season is see through garments. Though I am generally not one to wear overly revealing clothing, netted bomber jackets are something I can totally get behind, especially since athleisure style clothing has been slowly but surely creeping it's way into my wardrobe all season long, and has most definitely became one of my favorite trends to rock. So needless to say when I found out I was going to have yet the opportunity to style yet another athlesiure outfit from my wonderful sponsor SheIn, I was absolutely thrilled! And with that being said, over the weekend, and after a ton of street style inspiration pinning via Pinterest, I decided to head downtown, enjoy the weather, and style some of my awesome new duds. 

Let's Mention Our Unmentionables

Like I stated earlier, I generally don't wear revealing clothing and tend to style more classic looks. However, this past Sunday the weather was absolutely gorgeous out, (Yes I am in fact going to cry when it drops back to 40 degrees and starts snowing this weekend.) and I had a handful of errands to run downtown, so I decided my new netted bomber jacket, peekaboo sports bra, and distressed boyfriend jeans from SheIn would the perfect choice for the day.

The reason I love this netted bomber jacket is because of its sporty yet chic vibe. (Then again, that's what athleisure is all about right?) However, though I chose to style it with this peekaboo sports bra that came with it, I could also see styling this jacket with a light sweater or cute tank top for an equally chic look. I also liked the little bit of vintage vibe that this jacket gives off, due to the varsity stripes on its collar, cuffs, and on the bottom. I also really like the peekaboo sports bra that came with the jacket because even though it is a simple piece, it is very comfy and cute, and I just loved the cut out detailing. (Also note, even though I received these pieces complimentary, if you were to purchase this piece, the cute bra comes with it!)

For the bottom half of this look, I also received these cute distressed, cropped, boyfriend jeans to pair with the jacket and bra. And due to these jeans distressed look, to further style them, I decided to pair them with a cute pair of patterned stockings, just to add some more depth to this outfit. The first thing I have to say about these jeans though, is that they are very soft and very comfortable. The only thing that I would have to note is that these jeans are cropped and do not need to be rolled up like traditional boyfriend style jeans. So, for my readers who are taller than me (5'8" and up) I would say to go up a size, just to be sure that these jeans are not too short on you. 

Love the ring stack? You can learn more about it as well as my diamond ring from my affiliate,  Ritani ,  here !

Love the ring stack? You can learn more about it as well as my diamond ring from my affiliate, Ritani, here!

Lastly, to add the finishing touches on this look, I chose to pair this outfit with some simple accessories including my Ray-Bans, my "return to Tiffany" heart choker, my python trapeze bag, and my gold sneakers that I got from John for Christmas. The reason I chose these accessories is because they are all very laid back and comfortable for running errands, and because I did not want my outfit to look too busy due to the netted bomber jacket. I also chose the gold sneakers because I felt that they would be a fun way to add a pop of color to this ensemble. 

One Last Look

So how are you feeling about the see through trend this season? Love it or hate it, I'd love to chat with you about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a photo you just need to show off of your own fabulous street style look? Feel free to tag me in a post or on your Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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