Spring Break Style Guide

Woooh! I don't know about you guys but I am more than ready for spring break. Admittedly, this is mainly because I can't wait to head down to Delray Beach and visit John, but also because after working so hard this semester thus far I am ready for a little rest and relaxation. Though assuming many of you are like me, just because you're on break doesn't mean you're going to stop styling and looking you best, so in light of this mini vacation I've decided to share some of my favorite style trends for spring break 2017!

Love  this bikini ? You can get it and other awesome pieces for 25% off when you use my promo code " starkravingchic25 " at checkout!

Love this bikini? You can get it and other awesome pieces for 25% off when you use my promo code "starkravingchic25" at checkout!

Shimmering Siren

Okay, so I'm sure this is a bit of a no brainer for spring break (especially if you're headed to a beach destination) but I figured it wouldn't be right not to add two of my favorite bikini trends of the year to this list! The first being wild patterns and lots of adornments. The first bikini I chose is actually one I will be modelling and featuring on here from my sponsor, Swim Classy, after my spring break vacation with John. The reason I chose this bikini is because I love the sequined and beaded detailing. If you're the kind of girl who loves to be the star of the show, there will be no missing you in this dramatic duo! (It also works great under a netted dress--but more on that when my outfit of the day post goes live.)



To add a little extra shimmer to this bedazzled bikini, I decided to pair it with this gorgeous layered necklace by Nakamol.  The reason I chose this necklace to style with this bikini is because I felt that the layered gold chain would complement the swimsuit's silver sequins perfectly. I also loved the extra details of the round drop pendants, which are perfect for adding just a touch of extra sparkle.




Just in case you need a bite to eat after you hit the beach, it'd be wise to have a cover-up handy. So the reason I chose this see through cover-up is because much like the necklace, I felt this cover-up's gold accents would complement the bikini's silver sequins very well. The other reason I chose this see through cover-up is because I figured if you have on a statement making swimsuit, why on earth would you want to cover it up completely? (Also a huge trend this season is actually see through outfits, meaning your unmentionables have just become mentionable!)



To complete this look, I stayed true to this outfit's gold accessories and chose these simple metallic slides. The reason I chose these sandals is because I liked the way they complemented the gold in the cover-up, and also because they are simple and not too over the top. The reason why I wanted a simple pair of shoes is due to the fact though this is a show stopping outfit, you still would be styling it at the beach so comfort is most definitely key!



Beach Bum Babe

For my next beach look, I decided to style something for the more sporty girl, and chose this simple triangle, color block bikini. The reason I chose this swimsuit is because I loved the color block on the top and because of its over all practical design. Though I adore the first suit, it is definitely more suited for lounging and sipping cocktails on the beach, not so much for the girl who likes to go out and swim in the ocean! This bikini though is perfect for that due to its simple design and extra support top. (Note that this bikini isn't a halter but is instead designed like a bra, therefore preventing a possibly wardrobe malfunction.) 


Next up for this outfit, I chose to pair this swimsuit with these sporty black shades. As I covered in my last travel essentials post, sunglasses are a must for the beach. The reason I chose this pair though, is because I thought that their sporty vibe matched the look of the bikini perfectly.



The cover-up option I chose for this fun bikini are these simple netted shorts. The reason I chose these shorts is because I liked the fun and flirty vibe they gave to this cute swimsuit, and also because athleisure is HUGE trend this year, and these shorts just fit the bill perfectly! These shorts are perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat on the boardwalk after a long day full of fun in the sun at the beach. 





Lastly, to complete this sporty look, I chose these fun, laser cut, gladiator sandals. The reason these sandals are a good fit for this outfit is due to the fact they are lace up, which gives these shoes a very athletic feel and completes this look perfectly.





All Things Yellow

One huge color trend you will be seeing this spring and summer is a whole lot of yellow. Personally, I'm in love with it and am ready for a much needed pop of color! For this outfit I chose to style this gorgeous sundress. The reason this dress was my pick is because I love its shape as well as its lace and laser cut detailing. This dress would be the perfect choice for a lunch date with your ladies or your sweetie at a quaint, uptown restaurant. 


To accessorize this look I chose to style it with this cute little clutch. The reason chose this clutch is because even though it is yellow, it's a much more vibrant yellow than the dress which adds a nice contrast for this monochromatic look.



To complete this yellow ensemble, I chose these adorable yellow and navy pompom pumps. The reason I chose these pumps is because they match the pale yellow of the dress almost perfectly, and because the navy strap and the pompoms complement the yellow, and break up the outfit a bit.



Sea Side Stripes

For my next outfit I chose to highlight two big trends on the runway for spring and those would be one shoulder blouses and loads of stripes. For the first part of this outfit, I chose this chic, one shoulder, choker blouse. The reason being is because its fun, casual, and subtly sexy. The reason I'm loving the one shoulder trend is partly because I'm definitely a 90s chick at heart, but also because it's just such a great way to show a little skin while still being modest. This blouse would be absolutely, perfect for a seaside brunch with your besties.



Speaking of seaside brunch, one thing you can't go without for this occasion is a chic pair of sunnies! So I decided to pair this look with these gorgeous aviator sunglasses, just to add a touch of glam.



To add stripes to this look, I decided to add these chic, striped, gaucho pants. The reason I chose these pants is because I loved their earthy tone which is perfect for a causal day strolling along the boardwalk. These pants are also great for warm weather due to their light and airy material, which is perfect for keeping you looking and feeling cool for a warm, breezy day by the beach.




To put the finishing touches on this outfit, I chose to pair this relaxed and casual look with these simple tan sandals. The reason I chose these sandals is because they match the pants well and add a simple chic touch to the outfit.


In A Cinch

In this next look, I decided to showcase yet another runway trend from this season and that would be waist cinchers. Though we normally don't think of waist cinchers as being something to wear over clothes, they can actually look quite chic when paired with the right garment! For this look I chose to use this simple white dress, due to the fact a patterned dress would be much too busy paired with a cincher, and I also chose white because I felt this outfit would be great for afternoon cocktails, so I wanted to keep it light and casual.



To give this simple look a little shimmer, I decided to pair it with these gorgeous Perry Street,  liberty drop earrings as well as this etched arrow necklace by SLATE. The reason I chose these pieces is because I liked their steampunkesque charm and felt that they complemented the waist cincher I chose for this outfit.



The cincher I chose to pair with this look is this gorgeous, brown, satin finish waist cincher. The reason I chose this cincher is because I wanted this look to have a nice earthy feel for the beach, and I also felt that a black cincher with this white dress would have to harsh of a contrast for this spring break look.




To complete this look, I chose to add these tan, over the knee peep toe boots. Again, since I wanted this outfit to have an earthy vibe, I decided to I keep true to my neutral color scheme when pairing these boots with the rest of this outfit. The reason I loved these boots was that the have a soft feel to them which complements the dress perfectly and I also really like the wood detailing of these boots' heels, which is a also a nice touch to this earthy outfit.




The Bold Shoulder

For my final look I decided to style this off the shoulder, ruffled sleeve blouse. The reason I chose this blouse is because much like the one shoulder trend this season, off the shoulder is also a huge look for this season. The reason I liked this blouse so much though, is because of it's dramatic sleeves and the bow at its bust. I felt that this blouse would be perfect for a stroll along the boardwalk with friends, but would also transition perfectly for a night out on the town. The reason this is, is because of this blouse's fun and flirty feel.




To accessorize this cute and flirty top, I decided to pair it with these bold sunglasses. The reason I chose these shades if because I loved the pop of color that they added to this outfit.




To add a little more depth to this outfit, I chose to pair it with this Frida Collar but Jenny Bird. The reason I chose this piece is because much like the sunglasses, this necklace adds a nice pop of color to this bold look. I also chose this necklace because though bare shoulders are all the rage this season, bare necks are not. So this piece adds color and balance to this look.







For the bottom half of this look, I chose to pair this blouse with this cute, denim pencil skirt. The reason I chose this skirt is because I wanted to stay true to the top's playful feel, without taking away from it, so I thought this simple, denim pencil skirt would do just the trick! Due to this skirt's casual look, this bold blouse actually dresses up this skirt a bit, which is a perfect balance for each of them. And much like the blouse, this skirt is also a great piece that transitions well from day to night.



Lastly, to finish off this look, I decided to pair these fun pompom sandals with this outfit. The reason I chose these sandals is because like the other accessories, they add just the right amount of color to this look and would be a comfortable, but stylish choice for a day (or night!) out.



What are some of your favorite spring break looks? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me them at @StarkRavingChic! Have a rockin' outfit that you just have to show off? Feel free to tag me in a post or in your in your Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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