The Fort Lauderdale Chronicles: Spring Break 2017

Much like every blogger, I obviously love my blog. It's my baby, my creative outlet, and I have worked so hard over the past two years to make it the success it is today, so obviously I cannot see myself ever just giving it up. However, that kind of hard work (especially while juggling classes and a job) also entails many caffeine fueled, sleepless nights, writers block, and frustration which leads to a meltdown or two similar to Fiona Gallagher's from Shameless last season: 

Yes. I look just like that, aside from the fact I definitely do not look as pretty while crying, how does Emmy Rossum do it? Anyways, jokes aside, as much as I love my blog, when I get to that state of frustration, it reminds me to step back, relax, that I am only human, and believe it or not, I need a break. And as I am sure many of you know from past posts, I ended up doing just that, and actually had a break for spring break--which is why I was M.I.A. for four days. And man, was it liberating!

You see, normally when I go to Florida to visit John he is still dealing with his classes and I am perpetually busy with my blog, so though we spend time together, we also spend a lot of time working along side each other too. Which means I always end up bringing my laptop, iPad, my million and one post-it notes, and all my stress. Well this time, since my beau was actually on spring break too, he decided I needed an actual vacation and planned a romantic seaside getaway for us in Fort Lauderdale. His only condition was that I had to leave all of my work at home and enjoy myself. At first it was odd because I honestly wasn't quite sure how I would cope not working for a few days, but as soon as I saw the beautiful inn John picked out for us to stay in, I was thrilled and just knew that this was in fact the break I needed. And after having four gorgeous days just relaxing with my man, I have to say I came back home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to get back to work here! And even though I've already done a few posts since I returned, this one is a bit different simply because I've decided it would be nice to share some of my more personal details with you guys, so here are some of the highlights from John and I's trip!

Snaps & Such

Though I did bring my Leica with me on this trip and took a few professional grade photographs for this post, there were points in our vacation where I wasn't so much focused on shooting, but just having a good time. However, while strolling along the board walk and stopping at my favorite restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Lulu's Bait Shack, I was armed with my iPhone and here are a few of my favorite candid moments that I snapped!

Pretty palm trees on the board walk.

View from Lulu's Bait Shack.

Not quite sure why there was a dummy of Castro on the street, but it gave John and I a laugh regardless.

Town center in Fort Lauderdale.

First ever trip to IHOP!

The Sea Side Inn

Next up, John got us a room in this nifty little seaside hotel, Lauderdale By The Sea. The hotel itself had more of a mum and pop or B&B feel, but it was lovely on the inside and had a gorgeous court yard which was great for enjoying our morning cups or tea and coffee.

Outside view of our hotel and the court yard.

Though the hotel looks tiny from the outside, it was actually quite spacious and homey on the inside.

I just loved the little work station complete with a live plant.

Comfy and cozy beds with a vintage photograph of Lauderdale By The Sea back in its early days.

One thing that I was very excited about, is that this hotel had a complete kitchen along with this cute little breakfast nook! 

Lastly, the bathroom of the room was cute and spacious as well, and the little sign just gave John and I a chuckle.

Funky Buddha

Next up, John treated me to lunch and drinks at the Fort Lauderdale brewery, Funky Buddha. For those of you who have never been or heard of Funky Buddha, it is a brewery with a huge selection of in house beers and a tapas menu. It's quite the laid back place and is definitely the place to go on a lazy Sunday afternoon to just hang out and enjoy a couple brews.

Just outside of the brewery.

As I stated earlier, I really love the laid back vibe of Funky Buddha, as well as their chill atmosphere.

It's also a bonus that Funky Buddha's beer and tapas selection is excellent!

Casual Date Outfit

For John and I's casual date to Funky Buddha, I decided on a more whimsical and relaxed out fit, because I was on vacation after all! So I paired my Victoria's bikini top with my white criss-cross cami from Fascino, my Oliver Goldsmith sunnies, some high waisted shorts from ModCloth, a basic tan leather bag, and my black flats.

And to add the finishing touches to this outfit, I paired it with gorgeous Delilah Druzy neckace by SLATE. The reason I chose this necklace is because I felt the blue stones added a nice but subtle pop of color to this outfit.

A Perfect Moment

Lastly, on John and I's way home from the hotel, I decided to snag a photograph of this barn because the lighting was absolutely gorgeous. The story behind it though is, in order to get this photo, I actually ended up having John pull off the freeway. So we ended up having a little adventure of our own.

If you can't tell from this article, I had an absolutely wonderful time over my spring break! I just can't thank John enough for putting this all together for us, as well as just being an outstanding human being. If you're reading this Affection Rabbit, I love you and you are just the best!

So, did any of you travel anywhere exciting for spring break? If so, let's chat about your adventures in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a sweet photo from your travels? Feel free to tag me in your post or Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx Bree

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